19 March 2013

How to download a video from youtube downloader ?

To download a video from YOUTUBE . First a fall you should have to download YOUTUBE DOWN LOADER from my blog or any other website. Run the setup from my document. Now finish the setup and close the dialog box. Go on the page from where you want to want to see the video.  Copy the url and paste it in the YouTube downloader URL box.  

16 February 2013

How to protect your Gmail ID from hachers?

For protecting you id from hackers you should have enable some things in your account like-
  1. 2-step verification -In this settings you should have to enter you mobile number and after entering your mobile number you should have to click on OK. after this there is a text message on your mobile. enter the code and your account is protected by hackers

How to create a facebook ID?

To make a Facebook ID first a fall you should have to make an Gmail ID .  After that you should have to go to www.facebook.com. Fill you details and click on sign in. After all this open your Gmail id which you created in the first step. There is a mail of name FACEBOOK.  Open that mail and click on the link and your facebook account is created.


30 January 2013

Winndow Anderiod Runs google Mobile

Sure, you could enjoy Android on your PC through dual-booting or visualization, but the folks at Socket have whipped up yet another alternative: a port of Mountain View's mobile OS, fittingly dubbed Windows Android, that runs natively on the Windows kernel (under Vista, 7 and 8) instead of Linux. Not only does the operating system run speedily since its free of visualization chains, but it serves up the appropriate tablet or smartphone UI based on window size, and plays nice with keyboards and mice, to boot. Socket's solution serves up the full Android experience, but you'll have to separately flash the Google apps that typically come baked in, according to Android Police. Ice Cream Sandwich is the freshest flavor of Android to have undergone the kernel-replacement treatment, and it's currently being offered as a free "first-try" download at the source.

29 January 2013

Pebble smartwatch review

What is Kickstarter? The answer you'll hear, as long-winded as it may be, will likely touch on Pebble. If it doesn't, you'll probably want to ask someone else -- with more than $10 million pledged, the people's smartwatch catapulted past the crowdfunding site's records and the startup's own expectations. It achieved a $100,000 funding goal in two hours, and it was clearly a favorite among our readers. Of course, there were doubts that Eric Migicovsky, the company's founder, would deliver such an appealing and seemingly powerful product for $125, but following our first look during the company's CES press conference, that dream became real.

So, what is Pebble? It's not a smartphone for your wrist, as we've seen attempted before. In fact, it's far less sophisticated than you might expect -- the lightweight device reads out basic text, lets you skip through music tracks and, of course, displays the time. It's hardly the greatest achievement of our generation, or even the device of the year. It's become incredibly popular, sure, but despite the hype, you certainly don't need to own one. Yet, somehow, even the most technologically inept people in our lives have heard it mentioned on morning talk shows, FM radio stations or from pre-teens anxious to impress their friends. Having a smartphone alone isn't enough anymore. Or is it?